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Life is a Choice

What are we afraid of? That once we legalize abortion women of all ages would line up at the abortion clinics which sprouted like nursing schools during the height of it’s demand? That women, having lost the threat of unplanned or unwanted babies, would be promiscuous (like men)? That the value and dignity of human life would decrease?

Abortion is a very complex moral issue and a decision that will haunt us till the grave.

Women should have the final say on the issue and they can only have a say if abortion is a legal option. Because that is when they can a have choice as to whether they would undergo pregnancy and childbirth or not. Those two are arguably the most difficult and important of all human endeavours that any individual must undertake. 

Why not then, just use contraceptives? That would be implying that all of these conceptions happened in circumstances that the woman had a say in as in the case of rape or marital abuse. Or that given the choice all couples would use contraceptives. It is a suggestion that does not answer what then if the pregnancy is already there? 

By not legalizing abortion we are enslaving women. We are not trusting them with the capacity to make their own choices. We are saying that we and we alone should decide because we are more capable of such a decision. Who are we? We are men who will never have to bear and deliver a child. We are men who say that all should be equal but when it comes to this specific part of you that we had a hand in, your decision is irrelevant. We are men, very manly men who may or may have not forced you to have sex, order you to carry the product of such since it is also human and has a right to live regardless of your wants. We strip you of the choice and thereby ask you to obey, lesser gender.




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