Enter The Nether

Enter if you dare, Stay if you must, Welcome to my Asylum

To be Heard

I hear voices in my head but I know they are my own, somehow me but not me. They sound so different and talk of so many different things but I know they are mine. They have bodies of their own, different faces, different thoughts and mannerisms, but they all reside in my mind.
In a plane between dreams and regular thoughts, they reside, voicing out to be heard, advising and reacting, as if they had minds of their own and yet they all reside in my mind.
They play out fantastical stories and go on amazing adventures, waging glorious wars and performing heroic feats. Heroes and Villains who in their spare time keep me company when I’m bored. I hear them loudest when there’s nothing to do or nothing to think about. I immerse myself in their sagas and battles, putting myself in their shoes and wielding their mighty weapons, all in the confines of my mind.(If you see me walking around, talking to myself, waving my arms around, making strange noises, that’s basically what I’m doing.)XD
I don’t know if they really have thoughts of their own or if they really do feel different things. All I know is they seem to act like a board of advisers, telling me their opinions on different matters, and sometimes I listen, sometimes I don’t. They meet in a place inside my mind.
They seem like outgrowths of an overactive imagination or a mind thats got some extra thinking time. Maybe it’s just that I’m strange or just lonely, most probably both. Or maybe it’s because I’m really just crazy and downright insane. I don’t even know why I’m writing this, I really don’t know why. What I do know is that this is the perfect opportunity to learn something wild and wacky about me. Something I mainly keep to myself. But this is real and I do hear them, voices that are mine and aren’t mine. This is an opportunity for you to learn, what goes on in my mind.


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