Enter The Nether

Enter if you dare, Stay if you must, Welcome to my Asylum

Contemplating the Universe

A vast field of emptiness, an expanse of nothing, nothing. Until that fateful moment, a minute spark of light in that darkness and then Everything, all at once. From a singularity of the quantum world, all that will be sprang forth in an expansion beyond imagining. Swirling masses, innumerable galactic collisions, a chaotic ballet of creation and destruction, welcome to the primordial universe.

Enter the primordial stars, beings of hydrogen, helium and lithium, great masses of almost limitless energy and heat, in these crucibles sprang forth all other elements. For thousands of years this process churned out more elements, heavier and heavier they came but even this could not last forever for it taxed the very stars, for every element created their very essence eaten away, and because of it, the stars come closer to the scythe of galactic death. Closer and closer the shadow of the great equalizer loomed until BOOM! a massive explosion spreading the “enriched guts” of these first stars abroad, they may have died but in their death, they are born anew.

From that cosmic beginning came the dust clouds, the newer stars and the planets. And on a particular planet that we know of, where water, an atmosphere and heating of the sun coalesced, the firstborn of a marvelous newcomer to the cosmic scene, LIFE, microbial single-celled life, all sprang forth from the heart of a star.


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