Enter The Nether

Enter if you dare, Stay if you must, Welcome to my Asylum

Pointless Light

Curious things, these stars. You see, the light they emit has to travel very vast distances. So vast in fact that for most of these stars, it takes days, weeks, even years for their light to reach Earth. Without that light, we don’t even know they exist. That means that even if a star were to disappear, It would take the same amount of time for us to know that it’s no longer there. Funny how we still gaze at them, admire them, wish upon them. We adore them so much that we call our celebrities, stars. And it is to these “stars” that we offer our love and affection to, even if, like their astronomical counterparts, there might be nothing at the source, nothing to return any of that love and affection. However there is one star that we don’t appreciate as much, that we blame for the heat, that we flat out wish wasn’t out there sometimes. But nevertheless, that star, keeps us warm, gives us light and is THE major reason, why we’re even alive. That star is the Sun.

In our lives there are many stars, things that we think just might be something but in the end turn up to be nothing, just empty space. But amongst those stars, there is a singular sun.


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