Enter The Nether

Enter if you dare, Stay if you must, Welcome to my Asylum

Government! Welcome to the internet.


As you may have noticed, you are not welcome here. It’s not that we don’t like you it’s just that out here, names and positions count for nothing. All that matters here is reputation. Reputation out here has nothing to do with what titles you hold or whatever awards you have its all about how you present yourself and how you interact with the people around you. Your reputation is based on trust and trust alone.  And that dear government is something that most in your fold lack. We have heard, we have seen, we know. All your lies and wrongdoings, all your pathetic excuses and crocodile tears.  We are not forgetful nor are we blind to history. We have opened our eyes and have hoped for change and have voted and have acted but as it stands we feel betrayed.  The reins of power we have entrusted onto people whose own interests overshadow our interests. Whose alliances and supply lines are more important than the building of schools and the eradication of disease. That you think of us stupid and incapable, we can let that pass. But that you strip us of our voice and ask us to lie down and accept it, we are insulted to the very core. What good is a government that is not willing to listen to it’s people? What good is a government who does not trust its people with the right to speak? In the internet of all places, one of the last places of truly free expression. What good is a government that is only looking out for itself?
Malapit na ang eleksyon, di pa rin napapasa ang RH bill at biglaan kayong naglabas ng isang batas na may mga probisyon na sumasalungat sa mga prinsipyo na pundasyon ng malayang talakayan sa internet. Ang mga maskara’y nais na naming tanggalin at ang kalayaan ay dalhin sana sa mga lansangan pero bakit dito pa, dito kung saan kami’y tahimik na nag-uusap?
Trust begets trust, respect begets respect. WE DO NOT TRUST YOU, WE DO NOT RESPECT YOU. In the same manner that you extend neither to us. You cannot bring your archaic modes of thought to our platform and expect that we follow it. Welcome to the internet, enjoy your stay. 


I am one, I am many,
You may take me, but you have taken no one,
the idea lives on, the act continues
We are.


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