Enter The Nether

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God Must be Bored

      Do we count the milliseconds?  Well except for special reasons like races or  very fast chemical reactions we don’t really care much for those fractions of the second. It simply doesn’t occur to us to care about those milliseconds plainly because we can live up to 60-80 years. But for the ant or the fly that lives for weeks or months, each millisecond of action counts. Now imagine yourself to be an eternal being. Would a year matter? 60? 80? How about a thousand years? Would any of these spans of time even register on your radar? If they don’t register how would one react to every moment, every day? Eons would pass with no sense of urgency, there is time for everything so why rush it? No need to intervene in every sickeningly mundane detail, none whatsoever. Our sense of wasting or making the most of our lives is deeply rooted to our sense of a finite lifespan. Being mortals, we have a deadline to accomplish whatever we set out to do and also a sense of providing for our progeny beyond our deaths. Creating a world of tomorrow for our children.

      However god is an eternal being, no sense of urgency, our days might not even occur to him. With all things considered wouldn’t God be bored? Certainly that is the only viable explanation for all the things wrong with this world. From the perfect void, he created life, chaotic and ever changing. It is not the complacency nor the constancy of a secure life that he enjoys, that would just prolong his boredom. But the crimes and violence that exist In the world, the dog-eat-dog killed or be killed moments that plague the everyday lives of us, that’s what excites him.



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