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New? No nothing new,

Another day wasted away.

It was there but I wasn’t, so I left it as it was.


Into the land of past and thought,

into the scholar’s realm,


I’ve found a new escape again

And have indulged, perused again,

To come back home, confused again


What should I had done?

No answers wait for me, in the land of the Ancient Sun.



Peter was walking down the street when two men riding a motorcycle pulled up beside him and emptied the contents of a revolver into his chest.


Take a chill pill and go with the flow. Life doesn’t have to be a big race. It can be yacht sailing the calm seas if you want it too. It’s all about perspective  you see. If you face each day with a confident smile and a sunny personality, nothing can faze you.


Tommy went out to buy milk and eggs. He was going to his local deli with just enough cash and he was going home afterwards. The police found Tommy with his face bashed in and his brains all over the sidewalk.


“Why worry?” I always say. Life’s too short to fill it with doubts and fears. You add nothing but more weight on an already formidable load. There’s no dark days to the sunny personality.


George got on a bus, going home from work to his wife and kids. He was thinking of gulping down his beer and sandwich on Sunday. His wife is still looking for George’s severed head.


There are always people worse off. Though you shouldn’t be happy about that, you’d better appreciate that everything considered you’re luckier than most. Once you appreciate that, you’ll better understand how you could make life better for yourself and if you’re lucky for everybody else on God’s green Earth.


Annie thought it was a good night to go to a party, so she put on her best dress and make-up and hailed a cab to the raddest party of the school year. Annie’s lifeless body was found in a ditch in the middle of nowhere, probably raped.


Ain’t life grand? With all the wonderful things, awesome experiences, amazing people in it? There’s just so much to experience, so many things to be thankful for. It wouldn’t be that big of stretch to say, What a Wonderful World. 


In the dark crevices of the shallow pond, an unlikely beast lies in wait. Cleaning it’s fangs and blades, waiting to pounce. Devouring it’s unlucky meal and waiting for that faithful day when it’s murderous husk would be shed in exchange for wings the color of air.

In the bushes of plants green with glorious youth, a small tank munches away filling the leaves with holes, leaving only twigs untouched. This voracious ballet goes on and on for minutes unto hours unto days. The little bugger grows and fattens, it’s multiple suction-cupped legs keeping it on the plant. It has but fate to protect it from storm or claw. It waits until the time it sheds the flesh for a hard shell and then that for wings, soon after.

For a brief moment they are vulnerable, for a brief moment they are something else. But they bide their time and grow and grow and grow. Preparing all the needed energy to drive the processes that would bring them to the desired form.

In essence that is what UP is, or what is asked of those who take the quest. Given such a short time, sprout wings and fly. To not be content to be dragonfly nymphs and caterpillars but to use all that stored energy, all that potential, and then metamorphose.

To the 2nd Semester

I find it funny, I find it grand, that the world I saw as bland would come and rock me to the core and leave me a parting sore. For years I did abhor, a state of total bore, but now I welcome it in, oh what a fool I had been. It is so easy to bitch and moan how the cards have been unfairly drawn and so much harder to take charge and say “I will not be your little pawn”. These games of chance, I will play and the piper I will pay but victory will be mine alone as I dance upon your grave. Forget the rules of Destiny and the chains of Dream, I will create a world beyond all that and tie up the endless seams.

I see my Sea

On a grave I sit and stare at the majesty of the sea.

To capture in verse, I tried in earnest but failed miserably.


Deep dark blue with shades of green reflecting the grandiose sky.

As birds take to the air and ride the wind, the soul also soars and flies.


It ebbs, it flows, it surges forth, unafraid of what is to come,

carrying away the sands and stones that sit idly like bums.

The crash of waves, the surface ripples, it changes with the wind

And accepts the sweet caress of it with open arms and heart


It gives life to creatures big and small, in it and without

But also takes it all away, tossing them about

Should I say more, should I divulge with candor all I see?
And try much harder to have you experience the glory of the sea.

Nang dahil sa weyver

Di mo mababalik ang oras, di mo mababawi ang mga binitawan na salita. Masabi mang nais lang tumulong ay mali pa rin. Ganoon talaga pag nakita mo na mali ka, nakakasilaw, nakakabulag. Maghahanap ng paraan para isaayos ang lahat o di kaya para mapatahan ang pagluha. Patawad pagka’t nasaktan kita. Ginatungan ang apoy na nag-aalab na. Pinalala ang sitwasyon na sadyang nakakalito na nga para sa yo. Patawad at sadyang pakialamero ako, inisip ko na ako’y nasa tama at handang pinaglaban ko yun tulad ng iba pang mga conceit na pinanghahawakan ko. Siguro yun marahil ay isa sa mga dahilan kung bakit marami akong kagalit at marami ang umiiwas sa akin. Matagal ko nang napansin ang ugali na iyon at sinubukan baguhin pero sadyang bumabalik pag di binantayan. Patawad at naging manhid, patawad, patawad. 

Adi nala tak regalo.

Guintikangan ha science class kan ma’am Carbonel. Ngadto sa’n 2nd floor han science building. Tungod ha kompetisyon na pareho an karuyag na subject tas ha mga isturya na mas nag tikahilarum an mga paksa. Tas idugang pa an mga oras na ginubos ha Cua’s. Naging magsangkay na guintatapuran. waray sikreto, waray dire puydi pagstoryahan. Ha kadamu na naglabay na mga panhitabo ngan tu-ig, di maruruba an aton gntikangan. Bagan cattleya nga bumukad, danay la pero mahusay.Kapareho han Narra ka tatag. Di madudungisan sugad han Gold nan bisan hi Einstein makukurian pag eksplekar hini na pagsarangkay. Maaram ak na dire tanan na natabo yana na semestre kay mayayakan na maupay. Tapos danay nahihikapakeana kita kun mayda nga ba angay igrayhak, igcelebrar. Pero maano man nga panhitabo ayavv pag ihirayo ha im panhuna huna ngan kasing kasing na hini na adlavv may usa nga Jayson Cadion nga guin-anak. Hini nga adlavv guin-anak an usa nga maupay na anak, mahigugmaon na bugto nan guintatapuran na sangkay. Bisan ano na panhitabo ayavv pagkalimti na may mga tavvo na nahigugma ha imo ug nabag-o nimo ha im 19 years dinhi ha kalibutan. Basta kun ano man brad, tigam-i la pirme na aadi ak, ay kaavvod pagpa-abat. Danay man gud la makabiling hin sangkay na sugad ha imo. Damo nga salamat J.

Moonless, Starlit Night

One of the small pleasures I take from my visits home is the nightly walk. After the nightly feast, before stupor and sleep try to win us over, we take a short walk to the town port. A simple construct of concrete, lit by streetlights at regular intervals. Though dim, the lights are enough to obscure the beauty of night. But walk a little further and there is stretch of the port that is between two unlit posts. Here you can really stare and marvel at one o nature’s many wonders.

The air smells of the sea. Not fishy nor odorous but rather quite refreshing and cool. The night breeze is a blanket, somewhat warm for the season. But the main attraction, the piece-de-la-resistance, is the starlit sky. Pure awe,  sublime bliss. Nothing but the pavement below, the sea before and the sky above. I feel my soul soar with delight as I stare up into the starlit sky, mouth agape. It’s quite wonderful and bizarre. The night seems to stir and stare, a knowing smile, what secrets does it hide? I’d dwell on it much longer and try to find out more but it’s time to walk on home. I’d just wish I could capture the experience, and share it with the world, or even just with you. 

I can’t

I can’t get her out of my head.

Obsession, that grievous disease.

Haunting specter, malicious ghoul,

 flee from my sanctum, my sanctuary.

 This is the void, empty, dynamic.

 This is where I create, where reality is my own.

 This vast expanse, now narrowed.

 Amidst the darkness a light shines on.

 Like a spotlight it shines on one thing.

Only one thing. You.

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