Enter The Nether

Enter if you dare, Stay if you must, Welcome to my Asylum

Moonless, Starlit Night

One of the small pleasures I take from my visits home is the nightly walk. After the nightly feast, before stupor and sleep try to win us over, we take a short walk to the town port. A simple construct of concrete, lit by streetlights at regular intervals. Though dim, the lights are enough to obscure the beauty of night. But walk a little further and there is stretch of the port that is between two unlit posts. Here you can really stare and marvel at one o nature’s many wonders.

The air smells of the sea. Not fishy nor odorous but rather quite refreshing and cool. The night breeze is a blanket, somewhat warm for the season. But the main attraction, the piece-de-la-resistance, is the starlit sky. Pure awe,  sublime bliss. Nothing but the pavement below, the sea before and the sky above. I feel my soul soar with delight as I stare up into the starlit sky, mouth agape. It’s quite wonderful and bizarre. The night seems to stir and stare, a knowing smile, what secrets does it hide? I’d dwell on it much longer and try to find out more but it’s time to walk on home. I’d just wish I could capture the experience, and share it with the world, or even just with you. 


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