Enter The Nether

Enter if you dare, Stay if you must, Welcome to my Asylum

I see my Sea

On a grave I sit and stare at the majesty of the sea.

To capture in verse, I tried in earnest but failed miserably.


Deep dark blue with shades of green reflecting the grandiose sky.

As birds take to the air and ride the wind, the soul also soars and flies.


It ebbs, it flows, it surges forth, unafraid of what is to come,

carrying away the sands and stones that sit idly like bums.

The crash of waves, the surface ripples, it changes with the wind

And accepts the sweet caress of it with open arms and heart


It gives life to creatures big and small, in it and without

But also takes it all away, tossing them about

Should I say more, should I divulge with candor all I see?
And try much harder to have you experience the glory of the sea.


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