Enter The Nether

Enter if you dare, Stay if you must, Welcome to my Asylum


Peter was walking down the street when two men riding a motorcycle pulled up beside him and emptied the contents of a revolver into his chest.


Take a chill pill and go with the flow. Life doesn’t have to be a big race. It can be yacht sailing the calm seas if you want it too. It’s all about perspective  you see. If you face each day with a confident smile and a sunny personality, nothing can faze you.


Tommy went out to buy milk and eggs. He was going to his local deli with just enough cash and he was going home afterwards. The police found Tommy with his face bashed in and his brains all over the sidewalk.


“Why worry?” I always say. Life’s too short to fill it with doubts and fears. You add nothing but more weight on an already formidable load. There’s no dark days to the sunny personality.


George got on a bus, going home from work to his wife and kids. He was thinking of gulping down his beer and sandwich on Sunday. His wife is still looking for George’s severed head.


There are always people worse off. Though you shouldn’t be happy about that, you’d better appreciate that everything considered you’re luckier than most. Once you appreciate that, you’ll better understand how you could make life better for yourself and if you’re lucky for everybody else on God’s green Earth.


Annie thought it was a good night to go to a party, so she put on her best dress and make-up and hailed a cab to the raddest party of the school year. Annie’s lifeless body was found in a ditch in the middle of nowhere, probably raped.


Ain’t life grand? With all the wonderful things, awesome experiences, amazing people in it? There’s just so much to experience, so many things to be thankful for. It wouldn’t be that big of stretch to say, What a Wonderful World. 


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