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The time for tears and fear has ended.

Let us face what is out there.

Drunken revelry won’t mend it.

Time to end this tiresome scare.

Too much time spent in thought.

Countless demons, endlessly fought.


I thrust my hand into the darkness,

and bring out a blade called Courage.

From the depths of my own kindliness,

I call a shield ‘gainst selfish rage.

Reason and Veracity are my armor,

Cloaked in the rays of summer.


Escape now is the only way

Out of this dungeon of the mind.

A return now to brighter days

And the conquering of the night. 


Nine people walk into a bar

Nine people walk into a bar,

all of different suits and different lives.

All with different problems and different eyes.

They see the world differently but have thought the same

and are now together bound in such tight a frame

of mind or of time most dear,

but yet they see each other clear.

They’d order a drink but the bar is nonexistent.

They met on the net and are physically distant.

“A pleasant morning” greets the aspiring teacher.

“Morning it is” replies the swimmer.

Such subtle pleasantries, part of each day

and each looks for something fun to say.

“It’s early, too early” The nurse complains.

“But what matters time?” The banker exclaims.

“Ah, in there, is something agreeable” says the gov’t employee

“but some aren’t made for mornings, like him and me”

The computer wiz had spoke up

Busy with work and thesis but all caught up

In these idle conversations with such strange friends.

weird in aspects but who do not pretend

to be people they’re not, though the medium allow it.

This might be why they all get along swimmingly.

All this the chemist and psychologist see.

Forming words to induce a bit of glee

And when the responses come,

There’s no longer anyone that’s mum.

Oh, before I might forget

The ninth person, the linguist has just come online

Backreading all the past exchanged lines

Be careful not get an elbow to the spine.


Gorillaz’ Feel Good Inc. Is a song that tackles the manufacture of happiness in a world gone awry. It is not wrong to be happy but is that still the case when the whole world is unhappy and whatever happiness we grab at is manufactured? This song is timely in this age of plenty and self-satisfying tendencies and it also speaks volumes as both a critique and a ironic musing.

The video starts off with gunshots and police sirens and choppers scrambling. Definite signs that all is not well in the world below then it zooms in on a gargantuan tower with its top above the clouds. Here we see a picture of hedonistic excess as naked bodies, spent, are scattered everywhere amidst the band and a frightening cackle is heard which transitions  to the band starting to play……… “Feel Good!”

Feel good,
Feel good,
Feel good,
Feel good,
Feel good,
Feel good,
Feel good,
Feel good………City’s breaking down on a camel’s back.
They just have to go ’cause they don’t know wack
So all you fill the streets it’s appealing to see
You won’t get out the county, ‘cos you’re bad and free
You’ve got a new horizon it’s ephemeral style.
A melancholy town where we never smile.
And all I wanna hear is the message beep.
My dreams, they’ve got to kiss, because I don’t get sleep, no..

He’s got a bullhorn so you better listen as he shouts these words and makes for the window to stare into the clouds outside. He’s trapped in the Inc, the machine of manufactured happiness, thinking of a simpler time.

Windmill, windmill for the land,
Turn forever hand in hand,
Take it all in on your stride,
It is sticking, falling down,

Love forever, love is free,
Let’s turn forever, you and me,
Windmill, windmill for the land,
Is everybody in?

A suggestion, a prescription or subtle reminder? A simpler time when you could take things at your own pace and not worry too much. Also that there are things out there that can be the source of happiness that we don’t have to pay for. In this world of constant churning of gizmos and gadgets for all our hedonistic needs, is there a time for some quiet contemplation on a hill beside a windmill?  The windmill however, is sticking, it’s slowing down and will eventually fall to pieces, pretty much what happened to the simpler times around us.

Yo, we goin’ to ghost town, this Motown,
With yo’ sound you in the blink,
Gon’ bite the dust, can’t fight with us,
With your sound you kill the Inc.

So, don’t stop, get it, get it,
Until you’re Jet ahead,
Watch the way I navigate,
Haha haha ha,

But the corporation is not everything there is good music out there and good souls to play them. We only need to open our eyes and listen and follow the beat to beat the Inc. We need to tell them that we do not need this corporate owned utopia of happiness. We can do it on our own.

Love forever, love is free,
Let’s turn forever you and me,
Windmill, windmill for the land,
Is everybody in?

And the video ends with that last patch of true happiness floating away chased by choppers of the Inc. Have you asked yourself lately if you”re but a slave to the Inc?

Words that mean everything

Have you ever thought how the word universal is meant to encompass everything but is actually quite limited? We use it to mean that something is true for the entirety of the universe but in reality it refers to something quite limited. That’s because when we refer to the universe, we are referring to the observable universe and the imagined universe.

The observable one is the one we can explore with probes and telescopes while the imagined universe is the one that completes the picture, if and only if the rules of the observable universe hold true for the entire thing. As humans however, the frail, limited creatures we are, there is no conceivable way in which we could study the entire universe and so are left with this assumption of truth. When we say universal therefore we  refer to a limited universe. Universality of the observable universe.

This also holds true for other words like forever or infinity. We think they mean something that never ends but in truth we are only referring to the limits of human observation and imagination. 


A rush of blood to the head

a gun cocked and loaded,

Finger on the trigger and ready to blow

BANG BANG BANG because you’re so slow

Just madness and anger

Fear and frustration

A knife and a hammer

Let’s start the jubilation

Blood across the walls and all over the floor

just the kind of thing, I was waiting for

Time to torch the place and act all bored

Where the hell is my sword?

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