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Words that mean everything

Have you ever thought how the word universal is meant to encompass everything but is actually quite limited? We use it to mean that something is true for the entirety of the universe but in reality it refers to something quite limited. That’s because when we refer to the universe, we are referring to the observable universe and the imagined universe.

The observable one is the one we can explore with probes and telescopes while the imagined universe is the one that completes the picture, if and only if the rules of the observable universe hold true for the entire thing. As humans however, the frail, limited creatures we are, there is no conceivable way in which we could study the entire universe and so are left with this assumption of truth. When we say universal therefore we  refer to a limited universe. Universality of the observable universe.

This also holds true for other words like forever or infinity. We think they mean something that never ends but in truth we are only referring to the limits of human observation and imagination. 


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