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Enchant the Seasons

I’d spend all spring in cloaks of summer 
regardless of heat and drought 
if all that spring I mere but glimmer
at  such a wondrous sight
Id rather brave the chill of winter
than spend all fall without
Sunny smile and  cheerful banter
Never that I’d doubt
I’d prefer winter to spring
If it’d meant even an hour beside
a lovely sprite who sure can sing
and has made my heart cry
Id rather not see the sun again
and the beaches of my home
If that summer were to be spent
without you along
It’s funny how I’d try to change
the very idea of seasons 
If only you could manage
to see that you’re my every reason.

Wither . . .

Gusto ko matulog ng matulog.

Magpakalasing at matulog.

Pabilisin ang oras at pag-ikot ng mundo,
pabilisin ang pagdating ng bukas.
Hayaang dumagsa ang pagbabago, wag na makialam
wag nang intindihin ang paghampas ng alon.
Matulog nalang at ilayo ang isip
Ilayo, alagaan, libangin,
Sa makabuluhang bagay, busugin.
Hayaang dalhin ng hangin
ang munting pangarap natin
at matulog nalang ng matulog
hanggang ang araw’y tuluyang lumubog.


Flightless bird, looking at the sky

asking why oh why it can’t fly.
Flightless bird, facing the breeze,
braving the fall at the edge of a cliff.
Flightless bird, why do you still try
even if trying only makes you cry.


Nasaan na ang pamantasang hirang? 
Pag-asa ng mga pag-asa ng bayan.

Bakit siya ngayo’y naging berdugo
sa pag-unlad na nais matamo.
Bakit sa kanyang kamay, mga pangarap ay kinatay
at pagkatapos mamatay ay hinayaang nakahandusay
sa malamig na lansangan ng daang matuwid.
Nasaan na ang Giting mo sa paglilingkod
sa bayan na matagal nang bugbog. 
Bakit ang Tapang ay siyang ginagamit
laban sa mga iskolar na sayo’y ibinilin.
ang Luntian ay unti-unting nalalagas na 
at ang Pula ay ang dugo niya. 
Bakit di mo nadinig
ang aming pasigaw na tinig?
Nasaan na ang bulwagan ng dangal?
Kung ganyan ang iyong asal
pinagkakait sa nangangailangan, 
ang siya namang dapat ay karapatan.
Nasaan ka UP naming mahal? 
Ilaw sa loob ng karimlan
Pagka’t kung wala ka na
Paano mabubuhay ang pag-asa ng bayan?

A Blank Ballot

      The right to vote is one of the highest forms of political expression. In the same vein are the right to criticize and the right to protest the government. It is a cornerstone of liberty  and justice in a representative government. It is also an obligation of the citizen. An obligation, not to the state but to his compatriots and to the citizens of future generations. It is by exercising this right that we choose representatives to be our voices to higher institutions and to the world. To draft and enact laws based on the constitution made of our will. And to create events of relevance to the represented.


However it is not always the case that there are worthy candidates in the race to represent or maybe there is noone who has gained the people’s trust. Even in the national elections with its proliferation of candidates, there comes a time when it is populated by the power-hungry and the insincere. In times like  these there is still another option for the critical voter.


      When it comes to elections, true abstaining does not count as abstaining. It counts as forfeiting your right to vote. In order for your dissidence to count, one must be part of the voter turnout. One must go out to the polls and cast a vote. But the beauty in the system lies in that it provides an option to vote for no one, we call it now the abstain vote but during the manual elections it had a different name and appearance, the blank ballot.


      If by your assessment, they are incapable of functioning beyond their party and therefore unable to represent you, Cast the blank ballot. If you refuse to be subject to their ideas, cast the blank ballot. If they are unworthy of your trust, cast the blank ballot. The blank ballot is a statement of disgust and indignation against a system which has left you with no worthy options. It is your last option and also your most powerful. Use it wisely.

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