Enter The Nether

Enter if you dare, Stay if you must, Welcome to my Asylum


     I need release. 

     As I am writing this, the official results are not yet out but the partials are quite grotesque in my eyes. Though mustering what we know of Philippine politics, these results are not surprising. The system isn’t broken, it works rather well, it just benefits those who put it up and not everyone. This is a system of power preservation, a system by the traditional politicians for traditional politicians. Using efficient logistics, well established distribution systems and lots and lots of money, traditional politicians control areas and the voting power that resides therein. By capitalizing on the false safety of familiarity and the exploitable quirks of our culture and norms, these TraPos are not only able to stay in power for a long time but are also able to pull off a bloodline succession that would make the classical monarchs envious. 
     Every election period we are hopeful for change and for the system to work in our favor. Every election we are disappointed and offended. Though sometimes there are a few good ones that get through, the rest are just spoiled rotten. We are forced into the corner and accept that that’s the way it is and we should just hope for the best, maybe they aren’t that bad. However, the facts say otherwise, the more related elected officials are in an area the more likely there is to be corruption and stunted progress in those areas. Despite that, they still win and keep adding more of their family to the governing body.
     Is it a case of there being no real alternative, a case of a majority unfit for the exercise of democracy or is it that the safeguards needed for such are either not in place or aren’t implemented properly? I’m not really sure, maybe the truth is somewhere in the interaction of all three. What I’m sure of is this. The system, the machine, has people for cogs. People who are victims and at the same time victimizers. Set in their ways and afraid of what’s out there, the cogs turn as is necessary for the system, not asking, not resisting. And no I’m not only referring to the masses I’m talking to each and every one of us. We are all cogs in this machine and unless we try to stop it then there is no real hope for any of us. 
     It takes a few good men to start a revolution but it takes an entire nation to complete one. 

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